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Maintain & Update Your
Website Regularly!

“Your website is your business’s or organization’s home on the internet. Like any house, it needs regular maintenance and periodic improvements”

Prepare. Persist. Prevail.

If the internet were a physical place, Murphy’s Law would be the law of the land. Overall, it’s an advantageous place to do business. But never forget, anything that can possibly impact your business in a negative way can occur at any time. Say you’re launching new products, opening new offices, introducing online transactions, inviting registration for events and updates… Do you or your staff really have the time and desire to keep your website fresh and fulfilling day after day?

Your web presence is so “rich” with customer data, product intel, service details and even company secrets that it easily becomes a target for “sitenapping” and ransom demands. You’re at risk of server failures, cyber-attacks, and security breaches 24/7. That is, unless, you put the Brand Architects to the task of hosting, maintaining, and securing your website. We’ll make sure your site’s prepared to persist and prevail! We can help with domain registration renewal, website hosting, website maintenance packages, website malware scans and website security.


  • Includes:
  • Website Hosting
  • SSL Security Certificate
  • Email Accounts

Tech Maintenance

  • Includes:
  • CMS Updates
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Site Backups
  • Malware Protection

Creative Update

  • Includes:
  • Creative Changes
  • Site Additions
  • Copy Edits
  • Copy Additions
  • Content Updates

Expert Support

Have a truly worry-free website experience through top notch customer support including core updates, security mitigation and personalized consulting.

Quick Response

Out of date software is costing you time and money, as well as risking your security. Stop waiting for days or weeks to get your CMS maintenance requests handled. Get it done today.

Refresh Content

Old, stale text and photos makes your website look like it is neglected, but making changes can be tedious. Get signed up and have us handle those updates for you.

CMS Updates

CMS software is critical for security and improved performance. We manage the process for you to make sure your website stays safe and efficient.

No Hassles

Never fear a down server or a tech issue. Don’t sit on hold waiting for help. Host your website on our private managed server network and have us manage your hosting for you.

Problem Solvers

We are developers and designers that can diagnose and solve problems as well as protect your website against future issues. Regular maintenance keeps your website running properly.

“Pimp Out” Your Web Presence.

Just like your home, your website needs occasional remodeling or an entirely new design. It may also benefit from add-ons and enhancements that, like home improvements, are best left in the hands of qualified, experienced professionals. We may not be your cousin’s roommate’s art school teacher’s neighbor who has a pirated version of InDesign, but we don’t charge what Versace, Tesla or Galati do either.

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Web Design & Development

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