Brian Rist

Brian Rist is an accomplished, award-winning widely recognized professional in the storm-protection industry and a community leader, philanthropist and entrepreneur.

Sometimes a business leader becomes larger than life. Such is the case with Brian Rist, the executive chairman and founder of Smart Companies—a conglomerate in which Storm Smart is the foremost brand. In many ways, the site acts as an online press kit, providing extensive details on his life, his career and his perspective on the future. Brian wanted to leverage his personal brand equity for his interests beyond his official title, particularly his charitable giving, community service and advocacy.

The design is bold and masculine, with red and black as dominant colors. Pages boast quickly readable bulleted copy, readily outlining his sociopolitical views, his causes (children, education and veterans), and his many accomplishments. Whatever direction Brian chooses to take his career, this site establishes him as a personality and public figure.