Rikai Therapeutic

A highly unique medical practice led by board-certified anesthesiologist Dr. Gary Lawson that offers ketamine infusion therapy to treat a variety of medical conditions to treat PTSD, OCD, bipolar disorder, chronic pain and several others where conventional treatments have failed.

Dr. Lawson has a website for his mainstream anesthesiology practice, but RiKai Therapeutics was a new venture for him. Due to the sensitive subject matter and the patient based that Dr. Lawson wanted to reach, every word and every image we used was carefully selected to be candid and accurate. The site highlights how Dr. Lawson’s prior experience in the Navy and in private practice had motivated him to provide ketamine infusion therapy, dispel misconceptions, and provide specifics on treatments and expected outcomes. Large slider images at the top of the homepage indicate the variety of conditions for which K.I.T. is appropriate and offer hope to website visitors who have likely been disappointed by other treatments in the past.

The FAQ describes Dr. Lawson’s credentials in detail as well as specifies exactly what ketamine infusion therapy is, how it’s administered and how long it takes for patients to achieve meaningful results. Overall, it educates the public on the efficacy of K.I.T. and its potential capability to succeed where other treatments have failed in a visually powerful way.